Who We Are

The mission of First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio (FSC-SWO) is to initiate and promote public policies and practices that maintain the vitality of our communities, protects and redevelops mature communities, and fosters regional cooperation. The Consortium advocates:

  • Public policies that do not create disposable communities
  • Balanced investments in new and existing infrastructure
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the tax base
  • Creation of redevelopment opportunities.

FSC-SWO is an association of elected and appointed officials representing older suburban communities in Hamilton County, Ohio, known as First Suburbs

Elected and appointed officials include, but are not limited to, individuals such as:

  • Public Service Officers
  • Community Development Directors
  • Assistant City Managers
  • Mayors
  • City Administrators
  • Council Members and Trustees
  • ...and many other elected officials!

Learn more about the structure of our organization, leadership, membership and purpose in the First Suburbs Consortium By Laws.


Who Are Our Member Communities?

All of our member communities are Cincinnati's first suburban communities, or First Suburbs. Our member communities are diverse, with varying economic and demographic characteristics. First Suburbs Consortium member communities represent over 270,000 Hamilton County Residents. Explore our member communities here.


What Do We Have in Common?

All FSC-SWO members have a desire to coordinate with and learn from one another how to address their challenges and opportunities. Regardless of location or economic status, we share similar concerns of aging infrastructure, aging housing stock, lack of project funding, and various other issues.


How Do We Help?

We support several federally funded programs for blight removal, business restoration and economic development, as well as in earning our fair share of the already-appropriated money that would help our communities.